Cistern Water Tanks & Booster Pumps

There are times when low producing wells cannot keep up with peak demands. A cistern holding tank can be installed to spread the demand of water over the whole day. We can supply any size of cistern holding tanks and booster pumps to match the supply of the well. The cistern tank can be sized to fit in any size of room and through most door openings. Our choice of booster pump is the Grundfos MQ45 pump. This pump is very compact and is extremely quiet and reliable. 

Cistern Tanks

Most any size is available to accomodate space restrictions and water requirements.


The latest and quietest domestic boost pump from Grundfos

1 hour cycle timer

The heart for managing and regulating the water from the well into the cistern is done with this industrial1 hour cycle timer resulting in less electricity used and properly managing well water by not over pumping.